Objective of the Department

  1. To attend to matters relating to organizational development, employee relations, record, and office management.
  2. To ensure that each department is equipped with the necessary resources (staff and furniture & equipment) to facilitate synergy within the organization

Functions of the Registry Section

  1. Receive, record, and distribute incoming and internally created mails (letters, e-mails, memorandums, and faxes).
  2. Classify and folio documents in official registry files and forward to designated officers to action.
  3. Build and control all officially registered files and other documentation, so that they can be produced when required by means of effective indexing, classification, and tracking procedures.
  4. Maintenance of proper records regarding the location of all official registry files.
  5. Provide storage, repository, and reference services for all official registry files and other documents.
  6. Record and arrange for the efficient and timely dispatch of all correspondence produced by the officers the section serve.
  7. Review and dispose of all inactive files or other records in accordance with the retention and disposal schedule agreed between the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government and Archives Department.
  8. Stamping of Building Plans.

Functions of the Inventory Unit

  1. To prepare estimates and requisitions for the purchase of stationery and office supplies for the organization.
  2. Receive and record inventory of supplies.
  3. Record and distribute office supplies as requested by departments.

Functions of the Personnel Section

  1. Attend to all staffing matters – organizational development, employee’s relations and officer management matters.
  2. Maintain and update all personnel and contracted employees’ files with relevant correspondence.
  3. Record and maintain leave entitlement (sick/casual/Vacation) of monthly paid and contracted employees.
  4. Record and maintain training/human resource development plans.
  5. Management of the system for performance appraisal reporting (P.A.R.) for public officers.  
  6. Assist Auditors both internal and external regarding queries.
  7. Manage acting arrangements.
  8. Assist with supervision of office cleaners – prepare roster, layout work, check supplies
  9. Assist with the dispatching of the vehicles in the distribution of mails, deposits etc.