Procedure for Approval for Use of Recreation Grounds

The current procedure for obtaining approval for the use of a Recreation Ground in the Penal/Debe region is as follows:

  1. The organisation/ individual/ club who wishes to utilise a recreation ground within the region writes a letter addressed to the Corporation including the name of the ground, the date and time for usage.
  2. The correspondence is presented at the nearest committee meeting;
  3. The Committee determines whether or not approval is granted for the use of the ground based on the availability of such. In emergency cases (where the ground is required to be used before the correspondence can make it to a Committee meeting), the Chairman of the Council can grant approval; and
  4. The correspondence and decision is passed to the Works Supervisor Section and the Corporate Secretary:
    1. The payment of a refundable $500 refundable caution fee. This fee is refunded after a post-event inspection is done and the Ground and its’ facilities are found to be in good condition and no damages are recorded;
    2. Waiver of subrogation clause in favour of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation;
    3. Hold harmless clause; and
    4. The determination of whether or not risk management insurance is needed as a requirement based on the type and approximate size of the event.