Our Services

The Penal/Debe Regional Corporation currently serves the citizenry by providing many essential services. These services are divided in two (2) categories:

Non-Chargeable Products and Services

  • Construction and maintenance of secondary roads, minor watercourses and all associated appurtenances;
  • Scavenging services;
  • Provision, development and maintenance of recreational facilities, cemeteries, markets, abattoirs and public conveniences
  • Provision of truck borne water in areas not furnished by direct water pipelines
  • Vector Control via dyna-fogging activities
  • Assistance in cleaning of beaches and rivers
  • Controlling pests, mosquitoes, and rodents by spraying areas within the region.
  • Environmental services such as beach clean-ups, beautification of beaches, picnic areas, recreational parks, volcanoes, and historic sites, cutting of trees, et cetera.
  • Site Inspections, complaints, and notices are also available.
  • Installations of street signs

Chargeable Services

The Corporation also provides services under the Development Programme where funding for Capital Works is sourced from the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).