iCare Recycling Initiative 2020

On 21st February, 2020 the Penal/ Debe Regional Corporation launched the official installation of recycling bins within the region. The drums were donated by Coca-cola and stickers were received from EMA- iCare to mark the bins. Additionally, iCare bins were donated for use during the Carnival period.

This project is a collaborative effort involving numerous departments of the PDRC including:

Workshop- the design and fabrication of stands for the permanent placement of recycling bins.

Transport- who were tasked to transport temporary iCare bins.

CEO’s Office and Planning- the coordination and planning of the various tasks needed for both the launch and long-term operation of the project.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the Public Health Department for ensuring the temporary iCare bins were placed, monitored and retrieved each day during Carnival 2020 celebrations in the region. This is just the start of an ongoing initiative of the PDRC to promote recycling in the region.