Public Health Department

Objective of the Department

To ensure the abatement of all environmental health problems which can be hazardous or injurious to human health. The scope of the authority is confined to Penal/ Debe Region.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. The Cleaning and clearing of all concrete drains which fall under the jurisdiction of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation.
  2. Public cleansing – sweeping of streets and removal of silt, litter and debris.
  3. Removal of household wastes – scavenging services
  4. Removal of Bulk Wastes- Removal of white waste, furniture, small household items.
  5. Removal of human faecal wastes i.e. cleaning of septic tanks, cesspits, and concrete pits
  6. Mosquito control- Adulticiding – eradication of mosquitoes using dyna-fogging machines.
  7. Rodent Control- Control and eradication of the rodent population using pellet and wax bait.
  8. Distribution of truck borne water supplies during the dry season.
  9. Maintenance and upkeep of public conveniences.
  10. Maintenance and upkeep of Public Leisure Parks/Picnic Sites.
  11. Monitoring and controlling of illicit dumping.
  12. Removal of derelict vehicles.
  13. Cleaning of all Public Markets – Penal and Barrackpore.
  14. Coordination with other Government Agencies to carry out special programmes eg. Zika eradication programme, and other Public Health Matters.