Provision of Completion Certificates

Completion Certificates are provided upon near completion of the building. One may be able to obtain a completion certificate upon satisfaction of the following requirements:

  1. The building must be constructed in full accordance with the approved/ amended plans.
  2. Concrete drains and aprons must be laid around the building.
  3. All plumbing fixtures and sewage disposal system must be completed.
  4. All floors finishing e.g tiling of bathrooms must be completed.
  5. Ceiling and walls finishes must be completed. This includes painting.
  6. All doors, windows must be installed.
  7. All safety devices including handrails must be installed.
  8. Any structure on the site which has been designated for demolition must be removed.
  9. Damaged roadways are to be restored to its original condition by the owner/ applicant prior to the granting of a Completion Certificate.

The prescribed forms required to apply for a Completion certificate can be obtained from the Buildings Department located at the Corporations.

Upon submission, the forms must be accompanied by a copy of the approved plan. Also where applicable the following must also be submitted:

  • A  W.A.S.A completion certificate ( sewered areas).
  • A  Fire Certificate (commercial buildings).
  • Electrical Certificate.
  • Structural Integrity Report (structural steel building, commercial building, multi-family building).
  • Letter from the Factory Inspectorate/ Environmental Management Authority (E.M.A) (commercial buildings).


3 weeks