Technical Department

Objective of the Departments

The Engineering Department is further subdivided into the Road Department, Works Supervisor Department, Building Inspectorate Department, Workshop Department and Transport Department. These departments are responsible for the Maintenance and upkeep of all infrastructure works within the region,  all development works, upkeep of Recreation Grounds, upkeep of Cremation  sites and Cemeteries, the Corporation Fleet of vehicles, approval of subdivision and building plans etc, Address technical Complaints.

Role and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Various Sub Departments:

Roads:- Construction and Maintenance of Secondary Roads and its related infrastructure

  1. Road Construction and strengthening
  2. Kerb Wall and Slipper Drain Construction
  3. Box Drain Construction
  4. Box culvert Construction
  5. Retaining Wall Construction
  6. Wing Wall Construction

Works Supervisor:- Construction and Maintenance of Recreation Grounds and Facilities, Parks, Cemeteries, Markets, Abattoirs and Buildings under the remit of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation.

Workshop and Transport

  1. Responsible for the upkeep of the Corporation’s vehicles and equipment
  2. Manages the Corporation’s fleet of vehicles
  3. Responsible for the delivery of materials to job sites and documents to relevant Ministries and Departments
  4. Providing assistance to other Government agencies

Building Inspectorate

  1. Responsible for facilitating the final approval of layouts and building plans in the Region
  2. Works in conjunction with the Town and Country Planning Division and ensures compliance with the National Building Codes and regulations
  3. Litigates against unauthorized buildings and dilapidated structures