Objective of the Department

To conduct a fair procurement process for accountability, transparency, integrity and value for money

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Receives Bid Packages from departments;
  2. Selects a method of Tendering – Assesses bid packages and distinguishes between Central Tenders Board, Special Ministerial tenders Committee, Regional Tenders Committee or Chief Executive Officer’s Award.
  3. Invites Quotation – Prepare Tender Notice and Packages for interested contractors.
  4. Open Tenders
  5. Ensures that Conditions of Contracts are carried out
  6. Preparation of Agreement
  7. Liaises with Central Tenders Board
  8. Prepare & submit a quarterly return of contracts to Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.
  9. Review new Contractors applications and forward to the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government for approval.
  10. File all tenders documents and contractor applications etc.