UCMAS Mental AritmeticAcademia 223-6644ucmassmartkids@gmail.com Robert Road 
Walters, Joseph & Associates Ltd. Academia 757-6069info@wjatt.comRobert Road 
Marakai Accomodation Along S.S. Erin Road 
Trimida Auger Piles Agriculture Along S.S. Erin Road 
Reficool Air Conditioning Ltd Air Conditioning Service 241-5624reficoolacltd@gmail.comLa Romain 
Toiz with Noiz Audio & Alarms Auto 647-1577Rampersad Trace #2
Nicholas’ Auto Paint Supplies Auto 349-6044Rampersad Trace #2
Vision Electrix Ltd. Auto 222-9899Seegobin Trace
R. Hosein  Marketing Auto 715-0040r.hoseinmarketing@gmail.com Lalbeharry Trace 
QwkwhipAuto 684-2872qwkwhip@yahoo.comLalbeharry Trace 
South’s Auto Service Station Auto 647-6878sasscol@yahoo.comLalbeharry Trace 
Royal PARTS Imports LtdAuto 647-8217royalpartsimports@gmail.com Derrick Road 
Advance Cooling Auto Air Condition Services Auto 275-5804cassiedoodath882@gmail.comRamai Trace 
Pimpie’s Auto Garage Auto 779-2050Ramai Trace 
Street Tecnica Performance Auto 713-1365Mahadeo Trace 
Omar’s Welding Auto ServicesAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Toiz with Noiz Auto ServicesAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Nanan Auto Garage Auto ServicesAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Check Point Service Centre Auto Services 229-7358mycheckpoint@rahamutgroup.comLa Romain
Plug & Play Diagnostics Auto Services plugandplaydiagnostics@gmail.com Union Hall 4th Street
Terminal Power Ltd. Auto Services Perry Lane 
Persad Auto and Diesel Auto Services M2 Ring Road
Nu Image Tyre Tech Auto Services 354-9490Boodoo Trace
R&V Mechanical Services Auto Services 296-1727r.v.mechanicalserviceshelp@gmail.comMohess Road
Prime Autos Ltd Auto Services 689-5377Mohess Road
Elvin’s Tyres, Rims Rim Repair, Roll-n Roll off CarsAuto Services 224-3141elvinsrimsworld@gmail.comMohess Road
Japan Original Ltd Auto Services 341-4385japan_original@yahoo.comLaltoo Trace 
NIHON-GO Auto Parts LtdAuto Services 352-2752Laltoo Trace 
Sarransingh’s AUTO Ltd Auto Services 645-1161Laltoo Trace 
Ravi New & Used Auto Parts Auto Services 350-1502Laltoo Trace 
I & S Auto Parts Ltd Auto Services 647-0088Laltoo Trace 
Vicky Foreign Used Parts Ltd Auto Services 270-9578meeraj816@gmail.comLaltoo Trace 
N and E Auto Parts Ltd Auto Services 330-0486Laltoo Trace 
Bick’s Auto Auto Services  647-3027Laltoo Trace 
R&C Auto World Ltd Auto Services 307-2007cyntram42@gmail.comLaltoo Trace 
Full Boost Automotive Ltd Auto Services 330-0708fullboostautomotive@outlook.comLaltoo Trace 
Jo Foreign Used Auto Parts Ltd Auto Services 333-0514DHL Access Road 
Penal Alignment Centre Auto Services 647-2374p.alignment@gmail.comDHL Access Road 
Chattoo Tyre Shop Auto Services 647-7314Ali Avenue
Lisa Bee’s Swimming Institute Aux374-5472bees.swimming.institute@gmail.comSeegobin Trace
Best Astrologer in Trinidad Aux263-1851gk.astrologyseers@gmail.comRamkissoon Street 
Paradise Pools and Spas Limited Aux221-5836Union Hall 1st Street 
Flowers TnTAux652-6312Union Hall 1st Street
Bada Boom Fireworks Auxbadaboomtt@gmail.com Debe Sub Office Road 
Ricky’s Exotic Pet Shop Aux289-8685rajshreemanohar123@gmail.comRamai Trace 
Raymon and Radica Steam Laundry AuxBoodoo Trace 
Caribbean Music Store Aux288-0296Boodoo Trace 
Nysa’s Flower Shop and Décor Company LimitedAux346-5562Boodoo Trace 
Ashton Glass Supplies Ltd Aux746-9392ashtonglassltd@hotmail.comMohess Road
Boodoo’s Funeral Home Aux647-7527boodoosfuneralhome@hotmail.comAddie Street 
The Littele GreeneryAux342-3779thelittlegreenery28@gmail.com Winter Street
Western Union Aux623-6000Winter Street
Unqiue Books and Sports Aux647-0344ubscpenal@gmail.com Winter Street
Ambakali Enterprise Limited Aux793-0803Dookie Street 
Ink Fanatics Tattoo Studio Aux313-9145Dookie Street 
Disco Shuttle Aux377-6611Penal Rock Road
Royal Bank (ATM) Banking Along S.S. Erin Road 
Republic Bank (ATM)Banking Along S.S. Erin Road 
Island Finance Banking 647-0943Ramkissoon Street 
B Cool Clothing Along S.S. Erin Road 
Hindustani ExpoClothing + AccessoriesLaltoo Trace 
Indian Elegance Clothing + Accessories681-1661Laltoo Trace 
Kristen’s Clothing Store Clothing + AccessoriesFlamingo Avenue
Melange De La Mode Clothing + Accessories333-0070melangedelamode@hotmail.comRobert Road 
Style and Fashion Palmiste Clothing + Accessories486-6450ceoadrian@hotmail.comRobert Road 
India Mart Expo Clothing + Accessories388-8456Rampersad Trace #2
Paradise Collections Clothing + Accessories321-0048South Oropouche River 
Damion’s Jewelry Collection Clothing + Accessories 289-6855Boodoo Trace 
Jaiki’s Electronic Store Electronics 563-7158Union Hall 1st Street 
Love DessertsFood + BeverageM2 Ring Road  
Pizza Boys Food + Beverage225-5200feedback@pizzaboys.com M2 Ring Road  
Rituals Coffee House Food + Beverage225-5200feedback@pizzaboys.com M2 Ring Road  
Szechuan ExpressFood + Beverage277-6500M2 Ring Road  
B’s Ice Cream Food + Beverage241-2911customercare@bicecream.comM2 Ring Road  
Carol & Andy’s Marketing Food + Beverage765-4815M2 Ring Road  
Compass Café Food + Beverage229-2233compasscafett@gmail.comSouth Oropouche River 
Ritual’s Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Pizza BoysFood + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Royal Castle Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
B’s Ice Cream Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Meat Specialist Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Naafa Pizza Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Yasin Fried Chicken Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Debe BBQ Shack Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
KFC Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Subway Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Papa John’s Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Bee’s Bar Food + BeverageAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Ingrid’s Roti Shop Food + Beverage Union Hall 4th Street
Hush Lounge Food + Beverage 480-2323Union Hall 4th Street
CellarBration Food + Beverage 462-8888Union Hall 4th Street
Beautiful Heart Chinese Restaurant Food + Beverage 657-9972Union Hall 4th Street
The Arabian Garden Food + Beverage 460-8036Union Hall 1st Street 
Hong Fu Chinese Restaurant Food + Beverage 652-8659Union Hall 1st Street 
Mr Hops Bakery Food + Beverage 343-5017Union Hall 1st Street 
Arahouse Food + Beverage 270-9610 arahousett@gmai.com Union Hall 1st Street 
Dips Restaurant and Bar Food + Beverage Perry Lane 
Bare DisposablesFood + Beverage 741-4452Perry Lane 
Amin’s Roti Shop Food + Beverage 653-6539Perry Lane 
Complete Distributors Limited Food + Beverage 653-2970Sir Lamont
Park View Supermarket Food + Beverage 223-4235parview@gmail.comSir Lamont
Passion De Cre’er Desserts and Boba Tea Shop Food + Beverage 469-1163passiondecreer@gmail.com Sir Lamont
Kyky’s Ice Cream Roll Food + Beverage 755-7291kykysrolls@gmail.com Sir Lamont
Raw by Nature Food + Beverage 755-7291Sir Lamont
Little Stockholm Gourmet Bagels Food + Beverage 755-7291littlestockholm868@gmail.com Sir Lamont
TT Lunch-KIT Food + Beverage 464-4548lunchkitcatering@gmail.comBishop Avenue
Naafa’ Pizza Food + Beverage 768-6156naafapizza@gmail.comDebe Sub Office Road 
Trevor’s Place Food + Beverage Wellington Road 
KFC Food + Beverage 225-4532Wellington Road 
Papa John’s Pizza Food + Beverage 226-7116Wellington Road 
Debe BBQ ShackFood + Beverage 739-2828Rampersad Trace #2
The Dreamy Creamery Ice Cream Company Food + Beverage 324-4927dreamy.creamy@live.comSeegobin Trace
Lo Maximo de Venezuela Food + Beverage 265-9385Ramai Trace 
Gustos Express Food + Beverage 741-3606Ramai Trace 
Moses Flavours Food + Beverage 293-1303Mahadeo Trace 
Mohammed’s BBQFood + Beverage 745-7808Mahadeo Trace 
Pit Stop Food + Beverage 710-3371Mahadeo Trace 
Shah’s BBQ Food + Beverage 322-0629Boodoo Trace 
786 Meat Supplies Food + Beverage 336-5032riannmohip@gmail.comBoodoo Trace 
Saleem’s Cake Supplies and Packaging Items Food + Beverage 488-1824priyanka_1210@hotmail.comBoodoo Trace 
Pork BossFood + Beverage Boodoo Trace 
ROBL Doubles Food + Beverage Boodoo Trace 
Darryl’s Doubles Food + Beverage 261-5437Mohess Road
Firehouse Restaurant and Bar Food + Beverage 723-1010Mohess Road
Kavita’s Homestyle Kitchen Food + Beverage 370-1894triniseeta@gmail.comMohess Road
Bob’s Punches Food + Beverage 779-6205Mohess Road
Yuet Fung Restauant Food + Beverage 468-5892Addie Street 
Havana Club House Food + Beverage 701-2118khandelita@gmail.comAddie Street 
Double Trouble Food + Beverage 495-4488Ali Avenue
Indar’s Meats & Poultry Food + Beverage 610-7900info@impltt.comWinter Street
Donut Boys Food + Beverage 328-8579Winter Street
Subway Food + Beverage 226-7868subway.marketing@phl-tt.comDookie Street 
Girlie’s Roti Shop Food + Beverage Ramkissoon Street 
KFC Food + Beverage 225-4532Penal Rock Road 
Donafe’s Food Services Ltd Food + Beverage Penal Rock Road 
Jai’s Fresh Fish & Transport Food + Beverage/Auto 350-8995jaifreshfishandtransport1@gmail.com Derrick Road 
Green Lawn Pavilion Chinese Restaurant & Bar Food + Beverage 647-8722Laltoo Trace 
Fun Splash Fun 647-0350Along S.S. Erin Road 
Big Apple Night ClubFun South Oropouche River 
Planet Private Members Club Fun 223-8632South Oropouche River 
N Rampeersad General Upholstering Furniture Store 652-5289Union Hall 4th Street
NP Gas Station Gas Station Along S.S. Erin Road 
NP Gas Station Gas Station Along S.S. Erin Road 
NPMC Gas Station 625-1364customer_service@np.co.ttM2 Ring Road  
NP Gas Station Gas Station 625-1364customer_service@np.co.ttWellington Road 
24/7 Supermarket Grocery610-1863Boodoo Trace 
GN Foodcentre Supermarket Grocery228-4429gnfoodcenre@gmail.com Mohess Road
RTTMAL NO.3 ShopGrocery609-8888Laltoo Trace 
CNA SUPERMARKETGroceryLaltoo Trace 
Southern Food Basket Grocery647-2006humanresourcemanager.sfb@gmail.comRamkissoon Street 
Lisa Bee’s Life Saving Society Gym Seegobin Trace
Royal Garden Wellness Centre Gym 785-0779Boodoo Trace 
Blue Fabricators Sales & Service Hardware 647-5622Rampersad Trace #2
MedSmart Pharmacy Health652-7491Perry Lane 
Goodway Optical HealthAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Augusta Optical HealthAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Health for Life Medical Clinic Health769-4086healthforlifemc@yahoo.com Robert Road 
Value Plus Pharmacy Health657-6100Robert Road 
Park View Drugs Health223-7508Sir Lamont
Dermatology and Laser Clinic Health683-3376dermalasertt@gmail.com Sir Lamont
My Care Medical Lab Health705-5010mycaremedicallab@gmail.com Papourie Road 
Sawh’s Medical Associates Health657-5454Papourie Road 
Total Dentistry Clinic Health225-6991Boodoo Trace 
Care Plus Dental Health647-4339Winter Street
Sinanan Drugs World LtdHealth647-6140Penal Rock Road 
Samie’s Furniture and Appliance Home Goods 374-8067sales@samiesmegastore.comM2 Ring Road  
D Tool Tech Home Goods 266-3183dtooltech@gmail.comLalbeharry Trace 
Carlton Furniture Cupboard Specialist Home Goods 780-1034seeta1979@hotmail.comRamai Trace 
Boodoo’s Electrical Enterprises Home Goods 221-2928hello@boodoosenterprises.comSouth Oropouche River 
KSK Machine Shop Home Goods 383-6260beharrykimran@gmail.comSouth Oropouche River 
S&M PVC Ceilings Home Goods 647-0953Boodoo Trace 
Samie’s Furniture & Appliance Home Goods 280-6620Boodoo Trace 
Lambodar Touch of Modern Home Goods 333-2929labodarcompany1111@gmail.comBoodoo Trace 
Penta Penal Colour Studio Home Goods 289-1119Laltoo Trace 
T&Z Home Improvement Centre Home Goods 647-1857Ali Avenue
Massy Gas Industrial Services Along S.S. Erin Road 
IEM Sales & Services Limited Industrial Services 652-6312iem.services@iesmssigroup.comPerry Lane 
J.R. Dry Clean & Steam Laundry Laundry ServiceUnion Hall 4th Street
Kaili’s Nails Makeup and Henna  Personal Care 751-1080Boodoo Trace 
El Glamour Nails & Face Academy Personal Care 317-1363nailstt@gmail.comBoodoo Trace 
SG Beautique Salon Personal Care 479-2105sgbeautiquesalon@hotmail.comUnion Hall 1st Street 
B Fierce Salon Personal Care 725-7931bfiercesalon@gmail.com Union Hall 1st Street 
New Look Beauty Salon & Boutique Personal Care 652-1925Union Hall 1st Street 
Kristen’s Hair Design & Beauty Fantasies Personal Care 329-8337kristenboodoo@live.comRobert Road 
Lizann’s Beauty Salon Personal Care 374-0072Boodoo Trace 
Arthur’s Barbershop & Electronics Personal Care 322-5228Dookie Street 
Pixel Planet Printery + Photo Depot657-4935pixelplanetprint@gmail.com Perry Lane 
Parkview Studio Printery + Photo Depot777-4118Robert Road 
Gareth Leigh Photography Printery + Photo DepotRobert Road 
Expose Stationery Printery + Photo Depot270-6599ex_nbaboolal@hotmail.comWellington Road 
SKT & Sons Photographic LtdPrintery + Photo Depot680-1406kumarphoto@live.comWinter Street
General Accident Insurance Company Trinidad & Tobago Professional Services 647-3911info@genac.comRagbir Trace 
Giselle Gannes Attorney-at-Law Professional Services 266-6683Winter Street
Koonge’sProfessional Services Ramkissoon Street 
Moti Shiva Mandir Religious Institution Along S.S. Erin Road 
TravtechSecurity Services 652-6678travtech12@gmail.comUnion Hall 4th Street
IEM-MC Shopping Mall Perry Lane 
The Shoppes of Debe Shopping Mall South Oropouche River 
National Shopping Center Shopping Mall 647-7946Boodoo Trace 
Lall’s Shopping Centre Shopping Mall 330-2513Boodoo Trace 
GN Shopping CentreShopping Mall 647- 5172Mohess Road
The Home Expo Super CentreShopping Mall 235-3667admin@thehomeexpo.netAli Avenue
City Centre Mall Shopping Mall 396-2221Winter Street
Hannah’s Plaza Ltd Shopping Mall 647-5007Dookie Street 
Rampersad Plaza Shopping Mall Penal Rock Road
Dollar Buster Variety Store Shopping/Aux298-8697dollarbuster@outlook.com Wellington Road 
2 Wheel Ride Bike Shop Sporting Goods221-28832wroutdoor@gmail.comBoodoo Trace 
KJ Sports and Accessories Sporting Goods271-7096kjsportsandaccessories@hotmail.comM2 Ring Road  
Fu Zhou Supermarket Along S.S. Erin Road 
Len Hap Supermarket Supermarket 652-2420La Romain 
Darkside Cyber Café Ltd Telecommunications/ Technology766-9364darksidecybercafeltd@gmail.com Dookie Street 
Bmobile  Telecommunications/ Technologyerespond@tstt.co.ttWellington Road 
R&S Advanced Cell Tech Telecommunications/ Technology335-1234Wellington Road 
S&S Electronic Spare Parts and Accessories Telecommunications/ Technology468-1906sandselectronicspareparts@gmail.comBoodoo Trace 
Caribbean VAPES Telecommunications/ TechnologyBoodoo Trace 
Michael HD Enterprises Telecommunications/ Technology770-0949djmichaelhd@gmail.comKatwaroo Trace 
The Wizz Computers Telecommunications/ Technology647-7000sales@wizztt.comWinter Street
Fusion Appliances and Electronics Telecommunications/ Technology720-3389Ramkissoon Street 
Samsung Cell Express Telecommunications/ Technology334-2355Along S.S. Erin Road 
Bmobile Telecommunications/ TechnologyAlong S.S. Erin Road 
Audio Fanatiks LTD Telecommunications/ Technology297-0200daudiofanatiks@yahoo.comRampersad Trace #2
SmallStop Distributors Ltd Telecommunications/ Technology791-1327main@smallstoptt.comBoodoo Trace 
Vape 8 Vape Shop Telecommunications/ TechnologyMahadeo Trace 
Sherwyn Electonics Repairs Telecommunications/ Technology342-6106Ragbir Trace 
Digicel Telecommunications/ Technology299-6600ttbusinesssolutions@digicelgroup.comM2 Ring Road  
Cell Express Telecommunications/ Technology334-2355M2 Ring Road  
Electro Shack Ltd Telecommunications/ Technology223-9863electroshack868@gmail.com South Oropouche River 
Rebel Tech Trinidad Telecommunications/ Technology376-5472rebeltechtt@gmail.comSeegobin Trace
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