Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Services

Is the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation responsible for cleaning watercourses?

The Corporation is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of minor watercourses in the region. However, major watercourses are serviced and maintained by the Ministry of Works and Transport Drainage Division. The six (6) major watercourses in the Penal/Debe region include – 3 of which merge into one river: Coora River, Gucharon River, Lengua River, Papourie River, Trinidad River and Oropouche River.

Is the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation responsible for the maintenance of all roadways in the region?

The Corporation is guided by the Vesting Order 2001 (insert link) which stipulates the roadways within the region which are to be maintained by the PDRC. Major Roadways and Bridges such as the S.S. Erin Road and those bridges which lie on this main road are the responsibility of the Ministry of Works and Transport Highways Division.

How are infrastructural projects chosen?

The Technical team of the Corporation utilizes the Complaints and Requests from Members of the Public, their investigations and recommendations from the respective elected representatives from each district. These are presented to the Council and based on the availability of funding and the need for infrastructural works, the Council approves the projects to be undertaken.

How to obtain a Completion Certificate?

Following the completion of a residential or commercial building, an application for a completion certificate to certify that the works approved on the building plan has been completed to specifications can be submitted to the Building Inspectors’ Office for approval. Please click here to find full instructions on the application process. Completion Certificate Checklist

How to obtain Building Permission?

In order to carry out building works in the region, building permission must be granted from the PDRC’s Building Inspectors’ Office. Please click here to find full instructions on the application process.

Application for Utilising Land for Erection of Buildings or Laying Out of Land Into Building Lots

How to gain permission to use a recreation ground for an event?

Individuals and organisations require permission from the Regional Corporation in order to conduct events at any recreation ground within our remit. Please click here to find full instructions on the application process.


How do I gain employment at the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation?

The Corporation employs a cadre of permanent employees and may employ additional persons on a needs basis. Members of the Public interested in obtaining employment with the Corporation are invited to sign the Employment Register which is located at the Penal Market on the third Monday of each month between the hours of 8am-3pm.

Alternatively, interested persons are also advised to routinely check our social media and website for advertised vacancies. Further to this, individuals may also check the Service Commission website for advertised positions in the Public Service.

Public Health

How do I access truck borne water service from the Corporation?

During the dry season, the PDRC may facilitate a truck borne water service to residents in the region who do not have a WASA connection. Requests may also be facilitated from institutions such as school, churches, temples, etc. To access this service, you can contact the Chairman’s office at 647-0685 with your request.

How do I obtain a Food Badge?

The PDRC’s Public Health Department in conjunction with the CMOH issues Food Badges. Please click here to find full instructions on the application process.

Food Handlers Medical Examination Certificate

How do I Access Cesspool Cleaning Services?

The PDRC provides cesspool/ sewerage tank cleaning to households and institutions in the region. Please click here to find full instructions on the application process.

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Disaster Management

Does the Corporation Administer Flood Relief Grants?

The PDRC Disaster Management Unit is considered the first responders in the event of a natural disaster, including flooding. The Corporation provides immediate relief in the form of cleaning products, mattresses, some food stuff, etc. The PDRC DMU also conducts assessments of damage and forwards this information to the Ministry of Social Development for the processing of grants etc in relation to natural disasters. They are therefore the agency responsible for the distribution of these grants.