Disaster Management Unit

Objective of the Department

The primary role of these units is to lead the effort to build disaster risk reduction capacity at the Local Government level; thereby facilitating the fostering of resilient communities. Generally speaking, the DMU pursues its mission of Disaster Risk Reduction through five (5) programme areas namely: Administration and Finance, Institutional Capacity Strengthening, Planning, Research and Mitigation, Emergency Response, and Public Information and Education.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Provide the Municipal Corporation’s administration with expert Disaster Risk Reduction advice.
  2. Carry out activities in accordance with the Disaster Management policy of the Ministry of Local Government.
  3. Collaborate with other First Responders (TTFS, TTDF, TTPS, & NGOs) in providing local-level assistance to citizens impacted by hazards.
  4. Manage the operations of the Municipal E.O.C. (M.E.O.C.), when activated.
  5. Educate their communities on all phases of Disaster Management.