Procedure for Approval of Building Plans

Customers are required to:-

  1. Fill out application forms which are obtainable at the Public Health Division of all Corporations and /or the Town and Country Planning Division, Ministry Of Housing and Settlements
  2. Have a plan drawn by a qualified draughtsman or architect. Architectural and structural drawings and specifications should consist of the following:-
    1. LOCATION PLAN – This must be attached to all applications except where the application relates to the extension or alteration of a building in a built up area. It must be drawn as to show the land to which the application relates which is coloured pink and all adjoining land in the same ownership should be coloured green. The location plan should also show the names of the adjoining land owners and sufficient detail such as the distance of the site from mile marks, road junctions, bridges, culverts, light poles etc. so as to be able to positively identify the site.
    2. FLOOR PLANS – This is provided for each floor of the proposed building and should show the dimensions, arrangement and position of the various rooms, walls, partitions, windows, doors, stairs and all other parts of the building. The type and position of all plumbing fixtures, the size of each room and the compass bearing should also be shown on each floor plan.
    3. ELEVATIONS – For each face of the proposed building, an elevation should be provided showing the design, dimensions, materials and final appearance of the entire exterior of the building as well as their relations to the floor plan (North elevation, East Elevation etc.)
    4. A SECTION OR SECTIONS – Such sections through the building should show adequate dimensions and definitions of the material s to be used and the method of construction to be employed. Where it may not be possible for specific parts of the proposed building to be fully detailed on these sections, separate details should be provided e.g beam details, stair details etc.
    5. A FOUNDATION PLAN – This plan should show the dimensions, arrangement and position of the various footings, piles, columns, beams or whatever means are to be used to support the superstructure of the proposed building.
    6. FLOOR FRAMING PLANS – Such plans should be provided for each of the floors of the proposed building in the case of floors to be constructed above grade. The type, size and position of the various members to be used to support the floors should be demonstrated as well as the details of the materials to be used and the method of construction to be employed in the construction of the various floors
    7. A ROOF FRAMING PLAN – This plan should illustrate the dimensions, position and the type of various materials and methods to be employed in the erection of the roof of the proposed building.
    8. PLUMBING PLANS – These plans should illustrate the type, size and position of all water supply and water lines as well as the dimensions of and details of the materials to be used and the method of construction to be used in the building’s sanitary sewer system e.g septic tank details etc.
  3. Submit four (4) completed copies of the drawings along with an application form on each to the Town and Country Planning Division.
  4. Applicants should check with the Building Inspector’s Office two (2) weeks after receiving an acknowledgement letter from the Town and Country Planning Division.
  5. If there are corrections to be made to the plan, a Notice of Defect will be sent to the applicant.
  6. In cases where the area is served by a sewerage system, the applicant will be required to produce the isometric (plumbing drawings) approved by the Water and Sewerage Authority   (W. A. S. A).
  7. When plans are approved and signed by the Building Inspector, Engineering and Survey Officer and the Secretary of Local Health Authority (Chief Executive Officer) of the Corporation it is then scanned and the applicants are informed via the telephone when it is ready for collection. The applicants are also informed of payments that are needed to be paid for the approved plan.
  8. Payments are processed at the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Main Office.

Time frame

 2 months